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New Public Market Complex to Rise in Matanao

A mega construction project is soon to rise in the Municipality of Matanao that will serve as one of the newest landmarks of the municipality.

A one hundred million (Php. 100,000,000.00) mega infrastructure project is expected to rise in Matanao as the plans for the Proposed Public Market Complex are finalized. This ambitious project is to be funded by a loan from the Land Bank of the Philippines.

The Local Government Unit of Matanao is pushing for constructing this new commercial building with an integrated activity area that will replace the current Matanao Public Market. Once completed, this infrastructure project will surely benefit all the residents of Matanao and other neighboring municipalities who will now have access to a modern public market complex.

Based on the latest perspective photos released on the official Facebook page of the Matanao LGU, the new public market complex will be composed of two (2) fully-functional commercial buildings. One of the buildings will have enough space to fit thirty-two (32) stalls, and the other can accommodate up to twenty-four (24) rental spaces. These new commercial spaces are a significant upgrade from the limited spaces currently being provided by the existing public market.

Aside from the new commercial spaces, the proposed public market complex will also include a covered waiting area that the public will use for their commute. Also included in the waiting area is a dedicated drop-off point to effectively manage traffic and pedestrian in the proposed public market complex. To manage the transportation of shoppers to and from the proposed public market complex, a transport terminal will also be included in the construction of the project.

To highlight the different stores and brands occupying the new public market complex, a signage pylon will also be mounted in a conspicuous space near the complex entrance; this is a similar installation commonly seen on large, private establishments such as malls and shopping centers.

To make the public market complex a go-to destination for the people of Matanao, the architecture of the proposed infrastructure project includes an open-space activity area that can be used to hold different events for the people of Matanao. The activity area will make the public market complex a shopping destination and a compelling event venue.

The construction of this mega-infrastructure project scheduled to start on the first quarter of 2022, and majority of the planning is already underway. On October 20, 2021, the plan was presented by the LGU to the Matanao Vendors Association and stakeholders during a meeting held at Malipayon Park Gym. Once completed, this new public market complex will significantly improve the social and economic activities in the Municipality of Matanao.