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Issuance of Tax Declaration for Newly Declared Land

The service provides the property owners appraisal and assessment of their real properties and have their own Tax Declaration as basis in computing their real property taxes.

Office or Division:Office of the Municipal Assessor
Classification:Highly Technical
Type of Transaction:G2C – Government to Citizens
Who may avail:All real property owners
1. Letter Request of the Owner (1 original)Declared Owner/s
2. Original Certificate of Title (for titled property)Land Owner
3. Survey Plan prepared by a duly licensed Geodetic Engineer duly approved by the Land Management Bureau (LMB) of the DENRGeodetic Engineer/Land Management Bureau (LMB)
4. Certification from the Community Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO), stating among others, that the land is within the alienable and disposable areaCommunity Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO)
5. Affidavit of ownership and/or Sworn Statement declaring the Market Value of real property filed by the owner/administrator.Notary Public/Office of the Municipal Assessor
6. Affidavit that the applicant is in long, continuous and notorious possession of the propertyNotary Public
7. Certification from the barangay captain that the declarant is the present possessor and occupant of the landBarangay Hall
8. Ocular inspection/investigation report by the assessor or his authorized representative Office of the Municipal Assessor
1. Register & secure request1. Register & give request form to the property owner.None1 MinuteMASSO StaffMunicipal Assessor’s Office
2. Fill-up & submit request form together with the documentary requirements.2. Receive & check the completeness of the document.None3 MinutesMASSO StaffMunicipal Assessor’s Office
3.Pay required Fee at the Municipal Treasurer’s Office3. Receive payment & issue Official Receipt (O.R.)Certified True Copy: P170.00 

3 MinutesMTO StaffMunicipal Treasurer’s Office
4. Present O.R. to the Receiving & Releasing Officer.4. Record O.R.None30 SecondsMASSO StaffMunicipal Assessor’s Office
4.1 Prepare Field Appraisal and Assessment Sheet (FAAS)None10 MinutesMASSO StaffMunicipal Assessor’s Office 
4.2 Assign Property Index No (PIN) & Control in the Tax Map Control Roll (TMCR)None5 MinutesMASSO StaffMunicipal Assessor’s Office 
4.3 Prepare Tax DeclarationNone3 MinutesMASSO StaffMunicipal Assessor’s Office 
4.4 Review & sign documents for recommendations to the Provincial AssessorNone10 Minutes

Municipal AssessorMunicipal Assessor’s Office
4.5 Submit documents to Provincial Assessor’s Office for the approval of the Provincial AssessorNone1 Day
Municipal Assessor
MASSO StaffMunicipal Assessor’s Office 
4.6 Process the documents
None15 Working DaysOffice of the Provincial Assessor
4.7 Receive & Control the documentsNone5 MinutesMASSO StaffMunicipal Assessor’s Office 
5. Follow-up & receive Tax Declaration to the Receiving & Releasing Officer5. Release the Tax DeclarationNone2 MinutesMASSO StaffMunicipal Assessor’s Office

TOTAL:P170.0016 Working Days, 42 Minutes and 30 Seconds