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Securing / Processing Out-of-Town Birth Certificate – (a child’s Birth Certificate will be registered to the place where he/she was born)

Service Information (shall contain the name of government service, brief description, name of the service office/division in charge, type of transaction)

Office or Division:Municipal Civil Registrar Office
Classification: Simple
Type of Transaction: G2C – Government to Public / G2G – Government to Government
Who may avail:Residents but born outside Matanao Davao del Sur
Affidavit of Applicant (attested by two persons)Affidavit of two (2) disinterested personsMarriage Contract of parentsIf the applicant is married, submit marriage contractNSO Negative Certification ResultAny two (2) of the following:Baptismal CertificateVoter’s registration RecordSchool Transcript of RecordsSSS/PhilHealth Member Data Record7.Postal Money order addressed and pay to the concerned City/Municipal Civil RegistrarLGU-Matanao/Municipal Civil Registrar Office/MCRO Officer & Staff Desk/Cabinet
Sign in the Client Log Book in the Office Lobby 1. Give the Log Book to the clientNone1 minuteMCRO Officer & StaffMunicipal Civil Registrar Office
Submit the required documents to MCR Officer for initial assessment and verification

2.Received the required documents and check for completeness 2.1 Issue the order of payment if all documents were  given 2.2 Start  Processing the requestNone1-4 minutesMCRO Officer & StaffMunicipal Civil Registrar Office
Pay therequired fees at the Office of Municipal Treasurer*Make sure to secure Official Receipt that will be issued upon payment3. Accept the Payment based on the Order of payment 3.1 Issue the Official ReceiptP170.00 – Service Fee
1-5 minutesLocal Revenue Collection Officer1Office of the Municipal Treasurer
Return to the Municipal Registrar Office for the processing and releasing of document4.Check the Official Receipt4.1 Prepare and Issue  the document to the client None45 – 50 minutes*11 days inclusive of 10 posting periodMCRO Officer & StaffMunicipal Civil Registrar Office